Thermserve Limited are pleased to announce that they have successfully retained ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. As commented upon by the Accreditation Body, Moody International “Thermserve have constantly grown year by year and with this have continuously improved their Management System, which has helped with the procurement of a multi-million dollar project In Abu Dhabi”.

Thermserve Ltd feels that this is a great achievement, due to the current financial climate. In a statement from the Managing Director, Mr Steven Hodgkiss, he said, “This accreditation is testament to the commitment and hard work of all our employees, to our management system, which has allowed us to raise the bar of quality in the aluminium industry”.

Thermserve Ltd are proud of our achievements with this accreditation and we will continually lead the way in respect to the “Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of products for casting non ferrous metals and heat treatment equipment”.