Ageing Oven Installed & Commissioned at Aluminium Shapes

Thermserve have completed the installation and commissioning of a gas-fired Ageing Oven for Aluminium Shapes in Corby, UK. The oven has a capacity of 7,200kg, incorporates vertically opening doors, and uses an indirect combustion system. Capable of step ageing, the system offers excellent process control capable of delivering high quality, high strength product with class-leading efficiencies.… Continue Reading

Billet Casting and Water Cooling Upgrade at Hydro

Thermserve has recently completed a major upgrade of Hydro Deeside’s DC casting centre at their 63,000 tonnes per year recycling facility in Wrexham, North Wales. Thermserve were the main contractor for the project, which was completed across two phases. The first phase involved the installation of a new water cooling system, to prepare for the… Continue Reading

Log Heating and Hot Saw System Installed & Commissioned

Thermserve have recently completed the installation and commissioning of a log heating and hot sawing system at Aluminium Shapes, Corby, UK. The system, whilst optimised for 152mm is also designed to accept 178mm logs. The system also includes a cut billet manipulator which presents the billet to the press. The system is fitted with a… Continue Reading

Installation Complete For New Ageing Oven

Installation Complete For New Ageing Oven Thermserve have recently completed the installation of an AMS2750E compliant ageing oven. The end flow, electrically heated oven utilising a reversing axial fan to offer excellent temperature uniformity. The installation at an extrusion facility in the UK is used to age long length profiles which they are not able… Continue Reading

New Heat Treatment Facility Installed

New Heat Treatment Facility Installed Thermserve have recently completed the installation of heat treatment facility in the UK, consisting of a drop quench heat treatment furnace and an ageing oven. The system has been designed to meet the stringent requirements of AMS2750E. Primarily the package is to be used for heat treating aerospace castings which… Continue Reading

New homogenising furnace commissioned

New homogenising furnace commissioned Thermserve have recently completed the commissioning of a new billet homogenising and cooling system. The system installed at Nigalex, Nigeria improves the in house cast house facility significantly. Thermserve has commissioned three billet homogeninging plants in the past 12 months supplying to Europe and the Middle East. Continue Reading

New 10-inch DC Casting System Commissioned

New 10-inch DC Casting System Commissioned At a middle eastern extruder, a 10-inch hop-top DC Casting system was recently commissioned. The new system will significantly improve flexibility for the end user, increasing the amount of scrap that can be recycled. Continue Reading

New order for heat treatment furnace

New order for heat treatment furnace.  Thermserve have secured a new order for the supply of a heat treatment facility to a Sheffield based producer of Aerospace components. The facility shall consist of a solution heat treatment furnace, complete with rapid quench and an artificial ageing oven. It is anticipated the installation shall be complete… Continue Reading

Billet Homogeniser commissioned at Brunel

Billet Homogeniser commissioned at Brunel. The final piece of capital equipment supplied by Thermserve to BCAST at Brunel University has been commissioned. The heat treatment oven which is electrically heated is capable of working temperatures between 150C to 585C. The installation at Brunel will bridge the gap between fundamental research and full-scale industrial trials. The new… Continue Reading