Ageing Oven

Available in single and multi-zone arrangements we offer ageing ovens for both profile and wire ageing, we also offer a range of end flow systems. We offer both direct and indirect systems. All ovens are produced form standard sections keeping cost and build time to a minimum. Offering industry leading levels of efficiency our systems are all PLC controlled offering connection to any plant wide network regularly an oven is supplied with a complete mechanical handling system minimising operator intervention.

Rapid HeatingHigh productivity and low cycle time
Energy efficientLow running cost , 150kWh/Tonne
Standard galvanised panel constructionShort build time
Indirect HeatingAccurate and consistent temperature control, no risk to product.
Temperature tolerance +/- 3 degrees centigrade during soakHigh product quality
Tested to AMS2750DAutomotive approval
PLC controlledIntegrated process control, Ethernet enabled
Touch Screen HMIEasy to use, multi language