Melting & Holding Furnace

Thermserve furnaces incorporate the most up to date technology into a proven design used the world over. Various sizes and configurations are available dependent upon feed stock, method of charging and production requirements, optimised combustion system requirements ensure optimum energy efficiency.

Energy efficientLow running costs
Standard designsShort lead times
High strength liningsLonger up times
Intelligent combustion controlImproved efficiency, improved yield
High melt ratesIncreased productivity, shorter cycles
HMI interfaceIntuitive control, easy to operate
PLC controlIntegrated process control, Ethernet enabled

Crucible Melting Furnace

Used mainly in the automotive industry this low cost melting furnace offers unrivalled flexibility for alloy change and charging. Used typically for re-melting start up product all crucibles are provided with stainless steel strainers enabling segregation of other metallics.

Low OEM costsQuick Payback
Multiple cruciblesFast alloy change and charging
Simple operationEasy to operate
Charge systemsReduced wear on lining
Receiving crucible integrated into existing workflowNo re-melt costs
Fully interlocked safety fencingSafe operation
PLC controlledIntegrated process control, Ethernet enabled

Regenerating Burner Systems

Energy efficiency is at the heart of many Thermserve systems. Thermserve employ cold air, recuperative and regenerative technology. All replacement systems are engineered to EN746-2 ensuring safe operation.

Bespoke solutionsIdeal fit to process constraints
Class leading efficiencyLow running costs
Higher melt ratesHigher Productivity
Optimum ratio controlImproved recovery, Reduced fuel consumption
PLC controlledIntegrated process control, Ethernet enabled