Induction Stirring (EMS)

Electromagnetic Induction stirring is intended for heat and mass transfer intensification in a furnace bath with molten aluminium and its alloys. It may also be used for aluminium scrap melting in reverberatory furnaces. Electromagnetic stirring will substantially increase productivity, reduce fuel consumption and dross generation. Electromagnetic stirring will also stabilise operation conditions for the entire heat cycle and improve reproducibility. Payback time on investment of less than one year can be anticipated, but will of course depend on the type of application. These stirrers can be used on most conventional reverberatory furnaces of all shapes and sizes from 6 T capacity upwards. They can be used for their stirring and mixing ability only, or they may be applied in a multi-functional role, depending upon type. They can for instance be used in a side-well furnace for circulating the metal, submerging lightweight scrap and then transferring metal. Advice is available for suitable applications.

Full metal stirringImproved bath temperature uniformity
Faster meltingFaster melt rates
Speedy alloy meltingExcellent alloy homogenisation
Low powerEnergy savings
Air cooledFewer risks than water-cooled EMS
Cooler melt surfaceLow dross generation
Compact installationReduced loss to working area
Modern electronicsExcellent power factor