Thermserve Ltd has recently been working with Hydro Extruded Solutions to provide new aluminium processing machinery for their new Extrusion Test Centre in Finspång, Sweden, adjacent to their existing application lab. The test centre will be part of Hydro Extruded Solutions’ Innovation & Technology unit, and will allow the company to expand its research capabilities in the field of sustainable aluminium solutions.

Thermserve has supplied a suite of machinery for this project, including a crucible melting furnace, direct chill casting machine, water cooling system, homogenising furnace and a launder system.

The new test centre, and the Thermserve-built machinery, will enable Hydro to increase the efficiency of their development process. It will facilitate using 7000-series alloys and developing prototypes.

Thermserve has previously worked with Hydro at a number of sites both in the UK and worldwide to supply a range of aluminium processing equipment.

For more information, see: Hydro expands research and development capabilities